We know from experience which legal experts make a difference.
And those are precisely the ones we recruit.

Our mission

To provide each of our clients with the right candidates to take them to the next level.

We place teams, partners and topflight lawyers with partner potential in large international and German law firms, medium-sized law offices, and boutique firms.
And we find highly qualified general counsels for our corporate clients, who develop the future of the company with their new team. To accomplish this, we find and recruit brilliant professionals, creative personalities, and visionary managers.

Meet our team

An accomplished lawyer with a doctorate in law. Founder of the Dr Djie direct search consultancy and recruitment agency for lawyers and general counsels.

Experienced lawyer, for more than a decade consultant at the Dr Djie direct search consultancy and recruitment agency for lawyers and general counsels.

Our working method

We don’t comb through lists, but instead establish and maintain direct contacts.

If you are looking for the best, you have to be prepared to give your best. After all, the market is highly competitive. In addition to constantly exchanging information with our clients about their strategic goals, we are also in constant, direct contact with qualified lawyers and general counsels. Hence, we always keep in mind when a company’s plans could coincide with a lawyer’s professional life plan. Then we proactively endeavor to bring the parties to the table.

This succeeds thanks to the close-knit relationships that we cultivate with all those concerned. After all, uniquely talented individuals can only be recruited by addressing them directly and individually and by clearly understanding their goals. This is why we conduct in-depth, rapid, and discreet research in the relevant market segment. This results in a high level of efficiency, which we pass on to our customers through attractive risk sharing. Because, at the end of the day, we only intend to benefit from our successes.

Are you planning on filling a new position? We’d be happy to talk with you about it:
Mobile: +49 (0) 151 23 44 40 44
Email: susanne.djie@dr-djie.de

Our qualifications

Academically educated and yet with extensive practical experience. Thus we understand not only the mission, but also the underlying factors.

Thanks to our own practical professional experience in the industry and an academic understanding of the legal profession, we know exactly what our clients and candidates want and why. In addition, we bring in so-called soft factors that are often just as decisive: associative skills, intuition, imagination, enthusiasm, and curiosity. In doing so, we are acutely aware of the responsibility that we have for altering individual life situations and impacting business decisions. We are so successful with this approach that we sometimes even succeed in accomplishing a seemingly impossible feat: bringing one of your toughest competitors to the negotiating table to make them your new partner.

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Here is a comprehensive overview of who we are and what we do that you are welcome to share with your partners, colleagues, and business associates.