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For law firms

By filling a new position with the right candidate, we also strengthen the position of your law firm in the market.

We find precisely the right professionals who appreciate, embrace, and convey the character of your law firm—and provide key input to help you further develop and grow your law firm over the long term. This requires that we not only find brilliant lawyers, but also candidates whose understanding of business matters is every bit as profound as their awareness of political and social issues. After all, filling a top position is often accompanied by a reorientation of the strategic course of a law firm. We position partners and teams that bring to the table everything they need to meet these challenges and, in doing so, effectively enhance the firm’s position in the market.

We recruit partners and lawyers with partner potential. And our success is reflected in some impressive figures:

  • 100% of all candidates have successfully pursued the promised career, 85% of them were placed as partners or have become partners.
  • 90% of all candidates placed within the last 10 years are still with our clients.

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Email: susanne.djie@dr-djie.de

For companies

We find the business-minded general counsels with the right sensitivity for your company.

Our aim is to win over legal experts for our corporate clients who not only provide advice, but are also keen to share in the responsibility of running the firm. Counsels who have vision and, in addition to an outstanding legal background, also have a high level of understanding of business administration.
They are a highly valuable asset for your company thanks to their interdisciplinary, analytical thinking combined with social skills and practical experience—because they see the big picture and are able to contribute creative solutions that positively influence business decisions. Our record shows that our candidates consistently meet these expectations: 80% of all candidates placed with companies have remained with them and received high-level management positions.

Our candidates are experts in a wide range of legal areas, including:

  • Compliance systems
  • Investigations
  • M&A
  • Antitrust law
  • D&O
  • Corporate housekeeping
  • Labor law
For the candidates

We’re here with you every step of the way on your next career move.

Your career planning is life planning. Everything has to be right: the position, salary expectations, and a healthy work-life balance. We take a holistic approach to ensure that your individual life plan is fulfilled—along with the expectations of your new employer or partner. Accordingly, our consulting begins with an in-depth meeting, so we can get to know each other, identify your goals, and find out where you stand and where you would like to go. We clarify what is important to you and where you need our advice, our assessment of the market, or one of our free, targeted coaching sessions, so you can showcase your strengths to your best advantage. We don’t put people in boxes, but instead always see you as a unique individual. Sometimes we even develop ideas and prospects that do not even exist today, but which we create for our candidates.

Our impressive record demonstrates that our approach is successful:

  • 100% of our recruited candidates in law firms have successfully pursued the promised career, 85% of them have become partners.
  • 90% of all candidates placed within the last 10 years are still with our clients.
  • 100% of all candidates who are still with our clients are happy there and act as our contacts. The same applies to the general counsels who we have placed in companies:
  • 80% of all our recruited candidates have remained with the companies and received high-level management positions. We look forward to writing another success story together with you.